COVID-19: What precautions are you taking to help keep people safe?

We know that our job entails entering your home or business, and take your safety seriously. We follow all federal, state and local laws and recommendations. Our health measures include:

  • Daily health checks and temperature readings for all technicians.
  • Daily sanitation of all company vehicles and equipment.
  • Technicians are required to wear masks and shoe coverings when entering a home.
  • Social distancing is practiced by all Top Gun employees.
How long will it take to have my windows cleaned?

When we offer you an estimate, it includes full services and cleanup with a crew of 2-3 technicians. It generally takes 1 hour per $100 of estimated work.

Can you provide a quote over the phone?
Almost always. We do, however, like to walk around the property with the homeowner to make certain we’re meeting expectations, and will definitely need a site visit for a larger home.
Is there a minimum charge?

 Yes. $175.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, or credit card, and payment is due upon satisfactory completion of work. We do relay a nominal processing fee for all credit card payments.
Should I tip your crew?
That’s entirely up to you. Our teams don’t expect a tip, but they’re always appreciated.
Will your water pressure damage my home?

No. We use a soft-wash method that won’t damage siding or trim.

What is a “soft-wash”?
Soft washing uses a low water pressure and chemicals to loosen and remove dirt and debris. The chemicals do most of the work, and we only use enough pressure to reach higher areas around your house.
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes! We are also a SWaM certified business.
What does "bonded" mean?

Being bonded means a bonding company has procured funds that are available for a claim filed by the customer if the company does not complete the work on time (payment bond) or satisfactorily (performance bond). These bonds are typically only used or required when performing trade work on large 6 figure or more construction projects.

Why should I not just tilt my windows in and clean them myself?

When using this technique, the window is cleaned upside down causing the cleaning solution to drain into the top of the frame. When the window is tilted back into place, this solution will drip down onto the glass from behind the seal. Also, there is a risk of damaging the window tracks when popping out the window sash, especially if the home foundation has settled.

Can you remove hard water stains?
Almost always. When we visit your home or business, we can determine the severity of the stains, determine if they can safely be removed, and then provide an appropriate estimate for services.
What’s the difference between window cleaning and window restoration?
Cleaning removes the dirt and debris that has built up on the surface of the window. Restoration removes imperfections like hard water stains that have become embedded in the glass.
Why are my windows sometimes foggy after being cleaned?
Most likely, your windows have developed a faulty seal. This allows water to seep between the panes of glass in modern windows. Most windows come with a lengthy warranty, so contact your builder or window installer.
Do I have to remove my drapes or blinds?
Nope. Our technicians know how to work around those.
What all is included in the window cleaning service?

Windows are squeegee cleaned by hand. We also wipe down frames/sills/ledges and remove any cobwebs from the window openings.

Do you clean the screens?
It’s not part of a standard service, but for a small additional fee we will remove, clean, and replace all of your screens.
Can I just get the outside of my windows cleaned?

What’s the point of only cleaning half the window? Cleaning both the interior and exterior isn’t really that much more expensive (just the exteriors is around 2/3 of the total cost), so you get greater value if you do them both.

Will you repair broken windows or screens?
Only if the damage occurs accidentally during our service, but we don’t often have to do that.
What’s not included in the window cleaning service?
We won’t address paint issues, and can’t force open windows that have been painted shut. We won’t clean broken windows, and won’t remove window-unit air conditioners. While we can address hard water stains as an additional service, we won’t promise to make them completely go away.
How many people will come to my home?
We generally send 3-4 people for a window cleaning, but fewer to pressure wash a house.
Will a house wash also clean my windows?
A house wash uses chemicals and a spray mechanism that will leave overspray on your windows. We do a fine cleaning for windows, and that’s a separate service.
Should I do windows and the house at the same time?
It’s a great idea, much like vacuuming your car at the car wash. It’s also a great time to add a gutter cleaning.
What’s included in a gutter cleaning?
We remove all debris from the gutters, and then inspect your downspouts and flush them as needed. All leaves and debris are bagged and removed from your property.
What’s included in the house washing service?
We wash all vertical surfaces from the gutters to the foundation. We also wash attached porches and steps, but not decks or patios. Those can be added if you like.
Should I seal those decks and patios and horizontal surfaces?
It’s always a good idea, as it protects from cracking, fading, and staining and will prolong the life of the surface. It’s also a service that we can perform.
Will house cleaning remove those dark streaks from my gutters?
Those streaks are from runoff from your roofing materials. They may fade, but to remove them requires a hand-applied chemical. We can add this service if you wish.
What about those little black specks on my siding?
We commonly see something called “artillery fungus” on siding. This is introduced by infected mulch, so you should talk to your landscaper about what products are used. To remove them requires addressing each spot by hand.
Will your chemicals harm my landscaping?
We take great care to avoid damaging your landscaping. Some plants, like Japanese Maples, rose bushes, and herbs or vegetables, are more sensitive to chemicals. Before we begin, all vegetation will be sprayed and soaked with fresh water. Once we’re done, we’ll once again spray and soak them to ensure that any chemicals have been removed.
How often should I have my house washed?
We recommend washing your home annually, but like windows, a heavy forested property may require more cleaning.
I'm concerned about my water bill? How much will my water bill go up from getting the house washed?

Minimal. House washing does not require a high volume of water. Most houses require under $1.00 in water usage from your spigots.

What about a business? Same rules?

Somewhat. We recommend office buildings have a full window service twice per year. A school or house of worship may only need an annual cleaning. A street-facing storefront (like a boutique or restaurant) is going to see more foot traffic, and may benefit from a monthly or bi-monthly service contract. The size of the team depends on the scope of the job. No matter the size, we take the same care with your property and tend to the details as if it were your home.

What about new construction? Do you provide construction cleaning of windows?

Yes. We would need to make a site visit to your home or business to determine the degree of cleaning required before providing an estimate for this service.

Do you do background checks on your technicians?

Yes. We also provide services for companies that have access to sensitive information as well as government buildings like the State Capitol and Governor’s Mansion where background checks are mandatory.


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