Exterior Building Maintenance

Maintaining the interior of your building is important. But maintaining the EXTERIOR of your building is more so. The exterior of your building is the first thing that your customers see. Our Exterior Building Maintenance Services will make certain that your building puts your best face forward.

Are you a property manager trying to address an exterior leak 20 stories above street level? Do you have lighting issues that can’t be reached with a ladder?

Top Gun’s Exterior Building Maintenance (EBM) team prides itself on solving access issues. We have the tools, training, and technicians to provide services that many trades neglect or simply can’t reach. We also partner with your other service trades, like painters and electricians, to use our services and abilities to assist them in completing their work.

I was set on having my home painted. I called Top Gun for a cleaning before calling contractors, and by the time they were done I realized I didn’t need any painting! It looks brand-new.

Anna K.

EBM Services Offered:

  • Exterior Window and Building cleaning
  • Removing and replacing holiday lighting
  • Providing electrician access for lighting maintenance and replacement
  • Measurements and installation of exterior signage
  • Locating and remediating water intrusion issues
  • Sealing of exterior precast concrete
  • Applying exterior water vapor barriers
  • Installation of exterior panels and outer building shells


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